Stupidity vs. Asininity

The dictionary defines STUPID |ˈst(y)oōpid| as a term that implies a sluggish, slow-witted, lack of intelligence or common sense person. Perhaps I should apply the term ASININE |ˈasəˌnīn|. A harsher word, implying asslike or foolish behavior rather than slow-wittedness. I was seeing a supplier since the whole morning, trying to loosen up some works before … More Stupidity vs. Asininity

Yet to tweel, but got a brand new set of rubber !

I realized that I am not contributing to the save-the-earth programme. I did a few sins after changing a brand new set of tyres last Saturday. For the tyres productions, the rubber tappers have to slice the rubber trees, reducing the trees lifetime, leaving them to die off faster. That means lesser trees. Then the … More Yet to tweel, but got a brand new set of rubber !

Hearing is believing

What is the one eeriest and spine-chilling moment that you’ll ever imagine when picking up a phone call? Someone shouted vulgarly at the other end of line? A ghostly soprano singing, with sounds of wind gushing at background? Freddy Krueger scratching his metaled-fingers on the wall, whilst singing: One, two… Freddy’ll come to you? Obscene … More Hearing is believing

a NEW year instead

Everything seems to turn NEW lately. Lately as of the past few hours of this NEW year of 2009. Most people got new haircut, wearing new clothes, got new resolutions (as the past years’ does not seemed to work) and not to forget the new working style. Most of the workforce fellas are still partying. … More a NEW year instead