My first pimp session

I stumbled onto this page in where the post is titled: Pimp this leng lui!
I find this quite interesting. Hence I tried to do some pimping works with my novice skills in photoshop.

This is how the image looks like before the editing:

2613974120_d85827dc64_b copy

The image below is after some adjustments on the white balance, insertion of some light renderings, skewing and enlarging the eyes, distort the nose and smallen the mouth. Hmm, I’m kinda happy to achieve this end result, just that I can’t do much on the puffy mouth! The photo frame and the watermarks for more of magazine-cover feel.

Remember that this is just the works of a very beginner Photoshop CS user. Imagine what the professional designers or users can do. Welcome to the wonders of digital age. I do hope that the real-life model will feel glad, knowing that she can be prettier with some ‘touchup’ works. Don’t you think she has a bit of Jolin Chai’s eyes?



4 thoughts on “My first pimp session

    1. I think it’s turning into more ‘artificial’ world. This is plastic surgery with softwares! If you like it, you can turn to your surgeon. Hahaha…

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