Scuderias, time to prance your horses!

What an expected finale at the Sunday’s Catalunya F1 Grand Prix. The Brawn GP have done it again, another 1-2 finish led by Jenson and Rubens. 4 wins out of 5 starts for the Briton is quite an achievements since the Schuey era.

Talking about Ferraris in which I still have some faith left in the team, they are not making huge progress since Melbourne. The only step they’ve taken, is the introduction to the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems). Yet it doesn’t seem to work too well for Kimi. He retired at lap 17 with hydraulics failures, in which is KERS related. It’s quite disheartening looking at it, although knowing that Ferraris won’t make huge leaps in such a short frame of time.

Another of the prancing horse, Massa had a better car than of Kimi’s. The car was doing quite well, the strategy worked good for him (just that Webber’s worked better!). But the problems came 6 or 7 laps from the checkered flag. Massa received a transmission from his technical engineer, ordered him to save fuel… a.k.a. not to push the car to the max, and to SLOW DOWN! Well, they cleverly ‘miscalculated’ on his fuel consumptions, or could it be Massa who had been pushing too hard since the previous pit stop, and to drain off his fuel?

What an error. Massa just had to give way to both Vettel and Alonso, in order to finish in points.. Pity pity pity. Wake up you horses! Time to start running! Only 4 points from 5 races?! Could it be the flop after Ross Brawn left the Scuderia team? Or was it Jean Todt? Something to ponder on.


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