Twitter vs. Blog, Snacks vs. Main dish

I wonder why it is easier to punch the keyboard, using short paragraphs, with limits of 140 characters and post it via As compared to sitting down with the proper mindset, proper issues/subjects to talk about, carefully selecting the proper usage of words, and to finally post it to the blog.

See the disparity for the two above? For me, I call it: Snacks vs Main dish. When you snack, you just grab whatever that is in front of you, regardless whether it suits your appetite. You just want to munch. You just want to move your mouth muscles and tendons.

But when you select the main dish, ahaa… this is where you take your brain out, carefully select and screen thru your head what you would like to meet to your palate’s requirements.

Erm… I think I’m kinda snacking right now, just munch without thinking.


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