Triumph over the mind, but not body

It’s the time of the year again. The INFLUENZA spree! I was down with very bad flu since a week earlier. Yet, it dragged on and on, and I was hoping that I would get better. But not by a single chance. The flu made my body tired, sore my throat, pushed up my body temperature to 38. Not too high, but it’s good enough to knock me out.

I had to revisit my doctor, getting heavier dosage of medication. Then I popped this question jokingly to the doctor. “My 10-day flu would not have any relation with the worldwide-pandemic-swine-flu eh?” Then she replied, “If you are the suspected ones, we need to do some tests, and the result will only be out in 2 weeks time”

I was thinking… 2 weeks! I could be dead-pork by then! Well, that’s how efficient on how this lovely country deals with W.H.O.’s Level 6 worldwide outbreak. Thankfully there has yet to be any case of infection reported here.

What could I do next? Well, it’s time to keep my mind alive. The body is sick, but just not let the mind be the same. With the iTunes running with 2670 songs, I really do not know what songs shall I listen to. Ended up with Air-Supply’s. It brought back some wonderful memories back to the late 80s. Hopefully I will have more air in me, to guide me through this sickly period of time, and to finish this posting!

To be frank, I think my mind is only operating at 75% of it’s capacity the most. Good enough to have few paragraphs for you readers to glance on. It’s just an exercise in which I kept reminding myself… triumph over your mind, although the body lets you down sometimes.


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